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Carissa sees to have been born with a camera affixed to her hand.  She would beg her friends to do a "photo shoot" in elementary school, won her first photography contest in 6th grade against a field of professionals for a state park brochure contest that was taken with a cheap point-and-shoot FujiFilm camera. She would "steal" her parent's old manual Konika SLR and save pennies to buy and develop film,  learned darkroom technique in high school, and was introduced to the wonderful world of digital photography when she bought her first digital SLR in college. Carissa has found her niche in capturing the unique bond of horse and rider: whether it be the freedom galloping cross country, the sheer power in a perfect jump, or the tender moments of silence in just being with our equine friends.

Aside photography, she manages a Starbucks in Franklin, TN and shows her own Anglo-Arabian gelding on the local Jumper circuit simply for enjoyment. She has also started a non-profit which uses horsemanship to mentor and help bring healing to hurting kids, teens, and young adults called "Freedom Reins" (www.freedomreinstn.com).